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A Hybrid MMA Academy

Everything you need to become a well rounded martial artist at
the academy and at home.

Our Programs

We have a simple motto when it comes to training and getting the most of your time here. Get Better, Get Tired and Have Fun. All you have to do is walk through the orange door and we'll take care of the rest.

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Come Train when it’s right for you with FightCraft Freetime

We’ve opened our academy during off hours to give you some time for some R & R. Come smash the bags and bump some music on your lunch break or during some downtime in the middle of the day.

COVID-19 Safety

We're taking extra precautions because of COVID.


We will be fully sanitizing the mats & surfaces with safe, but powerful antibacterial and antiviral cleaning solutions.

Class Gaps

All classes are reserved ahead of time and only one group will be allowed in the academy at a time to reduce crowding.

Safety Procedures

All students that enter the academy must do so with a mask, temperature checks will be taken via infrared at the door.

Limited Capacity

Each class will have a limited capacity based on the guidelines given by the county.

Mixed Martial Arts Is In Our DNA

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is at the core of what we teach. Our goal is to teach you the most effective tool for a particular task in self-defense and in combat sports.

Bang Muay Thai

Duane “Bang” Ludwig created The Bang Muay Thai System which incorporates Dutch Kickboxing and Muay Thai in a single system geared towards MMA.

Jiu Jitsu

Our Jiu Jitsu system combines both wrestling and traditional BJJ to help build well rounded practicioners of the art whether for sport or self-defense.

Kids Classes

Give your kids a foundation in respect, honor and discipline all while empowering your child with techniques to help keep them safe.

Life at FightCraft

Whether you're stopping by after the 9-5 or have ambitions to be a world champion, you'll be learning same world class curriculum. Your coach puts the same amount of effort into each student regardless of your goals.

Structured Systems

All of our curriculums from striking to grappling are detailed and structured to make them easy to remember and recall.

Community Focused

You'll make friends your very first day, making staying on track easy as possible. Come for the classes, stay for the comeraderie.

Don't Take Our Word For It

See what others just like you have to say about the academy.

Chris King

Awesome. Good people good prices.

Aleysia Leonor

Everyone is super nice and welcoming! Staff is helpful and constructive without making you feel bad for not understanding something. The gym itself is clean and spacious. Overall good place to get a work out in. There are not many women who join class, but for the ones who would like to try, I felt very safe and not intimidated by anyone. The learning concept and getting a good work out in is the main focus!

Solis Sisneros

FightCraft is such a family oriented organization. Loved the 6 week program, coaches were amazing! This place is for anyone, beginners or advanced. They help you through the whole program and stay on you so that you don’t give up. Love it here 👍🏼

Andrew Silvestre (6Burning6Below6)

The coaches are Knowledgeable and interactive. I had fun and got a great work out training In a group oriented atmosphere with a mix of students of different ranks. All the veteran students were really helpful and patient as well and good motivators. Theres also a small weight room and a single shower room. I recommend this gym for the great coaches that do their best to make sure that you always make time to go to a class!

Gerardo Gomez

Walking into Fight Craft for the first time felt very welcoming. Having trained there for a little while now, I can see the effort that is placed in providing a quality environment that allows me to be comfortable when I feel out of place or intimidated by the more experienced people. I can see myself growing with the team at Fightcraft and improving my mental and physical well-being alongside with them. I highly recommend it by the way!