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1825 W San Carlos St, San Jose, California 95126

FightCraft Reviews

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Eric Kim

Josh and the Fightcraft team have done a great job of having group classes and 1:1 training where you get an awesome workout and learn MMA fundamentals.

I’ve been working with Josh (owner) for a few years now and he is very kind and passionate about teaching MMA fundamentals for anyone and everyone! Facility is clean and spacious!


Zach Holbrook

FIGHTCRAFT is an absolutely amazing gym, with amazing staff/coaches to match. From the moment you walk-in the door you know there is something special about this place. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, very friendly, and passionate about wanting you to learn the craft correctly and efficiently. They teach everything from Bang Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, MMA, sparring, pad-work, kids classes, beginner classes, intermediate class, and everything in-between and also they offer classes at all times of the day so you should always be able to find something that will work with your schedule. And lastly, this is by far the cleanest and nicest looking martial arts gym I have ever come across. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Sarah Bichler

As an introvert who works a high stress medical career I value and look forward to my time at Fightcraft, it has by now become a lifestyle. The various classes during the week make it easy for me to attend around my work schedule. I am in the best shape I’ve ever been all while nurturing my mental and physical wellbeing. Yes, it was a bit intimidating at first but EVERYONE is so welcoming and willing to help. Honestly, this turned out to be the best way to step out of my comfort zone and surround myself with friends that bring nothing but positivity into my life.

Mr Diaz Sr

Highly recommend! This training facility it is the truth! They offer more then just training! They offer meal plans weekly challenges. And your coach will be available for any questions, concerns or overall advice! I love the atmosphere here being apart of the family! Since that’s what this gym feels like!!

Honestly- This training facility gave me so much confidence and self esteem. I was always looking something to be apart of. And I can honestly say I found it here! Thank you team FightCraft!!

Dakota Smith

This place is awesome! The environment is very laid back and the people are great. I had no prior striking experience before my first class but that was no problem at all. Coach Josh broke everything down so it was easy for me to pick up on things quickly! Whether you’re goal is competition or just having fun and getting in shape I would HIGHLY recommend this place!

Nicholas De Guzman

Been going here for about 3 months and I love this place. I went in as someone with no fighting experience and was intimidated of a MMA gym but the coaches do a very good job of making it easy to hop on the mat and start learning. You get to choose classes to fit your personal schedule and the people there are so friendly and welcoming.

Justin Tan

This is a great place to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Coach Murph is one of the best if not the best BJJ coach around. Everybody is so friendly and helpful and you learn a lot of practical self defense. The competition team ,“MURPHJITSU” , is legit and they do extremely well in high level competitions all over! I am thankful and proud to be a part of this martial arts family! Osss!

*Update- I just started taking the striking classes and enjoy it a ton. Coach Josh and his team are amazing! Awesome drills and the energy is great!

Sean Gilpin

This is a fantastic gym for learning a wide range of legitimate fighting techniques and getting a great work out. The instructors are all first class and do a great job of keeping the classes challenging and fun. The gym has a friendly and welcoming community of students that made it easy for me to transition into the program as a beginner.

Adam Forget

My first time going a martial arts studio and I didn’t know what to expect. I did find a super cool community of people at Fightcraft. They accommodate all skill levels and also have classes for more advanced training. The coaches are always on point and the friendships developed are priceless. Classes in the evening help for those with full time jobs.

Sherry Tang

I’ve been coming to FightCraft for a few months now and it’s been great! I was looking for Muay Thai/Kickboxing classes that weren’t purely just a cardio workout (harder to find than you think) and this was a perfect match! I’ve already learned a lot technically and I know theres so much more to learn. Technique is a huge part of each class and that also includes cardio stamina.

The coaches (Josh and Pat) are fantastic. They’re welcoming and hilarious in their own right, but they get down to business. It’s obvious they want you to learn and improve with each class, and the classes are formatted in a way that allows them to do that on an individual level.

The community of people is great. You’ll find yourself in classes that have varying levels of fighters and everyone is supportive, kind, willing to teach, and friendly. Just a bunch of people together who want to have fun and learn.

The academy is also incredibly clean and well maintained. Fear not of the dreaded feet smell that you might know a little too well in typical dojos/gyms. I’m excited to what I can accomplish here moving forward.