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FightCraft Ranking System

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Different from many other Martial Arts, Muay Thai has no specific belt ranking system. That’s why here at FightCraft we have our own ranking system to help our students track their progress and proficiency in the martial art.

White Shirt

The first promotion for our students is White Shirt. Students that earn a white shirt must attend the minimum amount of classes and know basic Kickboxing defense and offense. Most students take about a month to earn their white shirt.

Yellow Shirt

The Yellow Shirt is the second promotion students can earn. A yellow shirt can be earned by attending the minimum amount of classes! It typically takes about 2 months after earning your white shirt to earn your yellow shirt.

Orange Shirt

Orange Shirt is the third promotion and at an intermediate level. Students must show proficiency in pad holding, hitting, show awareness of a target while sparring, and meet the minimum number of classes over 3 months.

Green Shirt

Students who are promoted to Green Shirt must show control when drilling, remain calm under pressure, and meet the minimum number of classes since the promotion to orange shirt. Green Shirt students are at an advanced level.

Blue Shirt

Earning a Blue Shirt requires about 4 months as a green shirt and show overall improvement in sparring.

Purple Shirt

In order to earn a Purple Shirt, students must spend a minimum of two years training as a blue shirt. Students who are purple shirt should have a strong understanding of the sport.

Brown Shirt

Brown Shirts must have met the minimum time and class requirements as a purple shirt and have developed their own personal style as a martial artist.

Black Shirt

Students who earn a Black Shirt will have a lot of dedication to the sport, spent a lot of time and hard work, and have commitment to the FightCraft community. Earning a black shirt will take a student around 10 years of training to earn.